March 8th, 2017

How to Handle Complacent Employees in the Workplace


Staff complacency impacts productivity and costs employers money, and needs to be addressed proactively. Here’s what to do if you find your employees dragging their feet:


March 1st, 2017

How to Show Your Employees You Value Them on Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation day is Friday, March 3rd, 2017. This special day is a great time to show your employees that you value them. A recent open-ended and unaided survey by Forbes reveals that the single most important practice managers and business owners can adopt for better employee productivity is to recognize and appreciate employees. This is especially true […]

February 21st, 2017

Four Ways to Keep Employees Accountable

According to a study conducted by Wayne Hochwarter, the Jim Moran Professor of Business Administration in Florida State University’s College of Business, less than 20 percent of respondent employees reported feeling certain they knew what was expected of them at work each day. The study, which evaluated the opinions of more than 750 blue- and white-collar employees across multiple job environments, sought to primarily understand how many employees simply do not know what is expected of them at work each day. And while less than 20 percent of respondents were unsure what was expected of them at work each day, the vast majority of respondents reported varying levels of accountability ranging from “some” to “complete” ambiguity. As the respondent said, “I thought I was working on something important … I guess the boss who fired me didn’t think so.” […]

February 14th, 2017

Great Managers vs. So-So Managers

A study by Dale Carnegie Training has revealed that nearly three-quarters of employees are not fully engaged at work. Of the employees who are engaged, they claim that the number one factor that contributes to their engagement is their relationship with their supervisor. This is in direct correlation with Gallup research, which concludes that personal relationships are what matters […]

February 7th, 2017

How Do You Handle the “I Want a Raise” Discussion?

As a small business owner, you’ll often receive requests for raises from your staff. Maybe you have employees go directly to their managers for the salary discussion, or perhaps you handle it yourself as part of an annual review.


January 31st, 2017

Do Employee Incentives Work?

Employee incentives, the rewarding of work performance, loyalty, innovative ideas, and sales excellence, are used by more than half of American companies, according to the Incentive Research Foundation. And while incentives such as trips, awards, and cash might kickstart staff excitement and productivity in the short term, research has found that producing lasting change in employee behavior doesn’t come so easy, and in fact, once the incentives are removed, employees will go back to doing things the way they always have in the past.

That’s because long-term change will come from employees that have passion for their work and want to improve the company because they want to. Arguably, matching staff skills to the appropriate jobs and providing regular opportunities for keeping employees engaged is probably more likely to get results than any type of pay-for-performance incentive program. […]