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Optimum can manage all or some of your human resources needs so you can focus on your core business.

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Optimum’s large company buying power helps small businesses cost-effectively provide their employees the best benefits possible.

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Optimum’s easy-to-use online payroll system lets you process your payroll from any computer, anytime, anywhere.

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Optimum’s Cloud-based HR software makes life easier for you and your employees. Manage employee and HR information with just a click of a button and avoid paperwork headaches.

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Is Your Employee Handbook Missing Something Important?

The Art Of An Employee Handbook Writing an employee handbook is a daunting task for most employers. That’s why many include only the most basic policies. However, this may not be enough to properly inform your employees and protect you. To more proactively reduce your risk as an employer, consider revamping your old employee handbook with…

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Tips for A Flexible Dress Code Policy

Being “hip” while remaining professional Modern company dress code policies are becoming more and more flexible. You want a relaxed company culture, but you still want your employees to look sharp- right? Navigating this issue can be difficult. Many employers are struggling with establishing the right dress code policies for their business. Office wear is…

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Giving The Right Employee Reference

The Do’s and Don’ts of an Employee Reference: When an employee leaves your business, whether voluntarily or forcibly, you must decide what you will say to other employers that call asking for an employee reference. If your employee left on good terms you can work on a mutually agreeable statement or simply tell the potential…

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