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Optimum can manage all or some of your human resources needs so you can focus on your core business.

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Optimum’s large company buying power helps small businesses cost-effectively provide their employees the best benefits possible.

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Optimum’s easy-to-use online payroll system lets you process your payroll from any computer, anytime, anywhere.

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Optimum’s Cloud-based HR software makes life easier for you and your employees. Manage employee and HR information with just a click of a button and avoid paperwork headaches.

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Preventing Summer Slump in the Workplace

Summer Slump: Is It Real? Summer is a time for relaxing in the sun near a beautiful body of water, not for working. At least that is what we are conditioned to think as children. However, life as an adult is very different, with most of us finding ourselves in a cold and austere office…

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Surprising Productivity Drains and How to Avoid Them

Avoiding Productivity Drains If you have noticed a dip in productivity among your employees, there may be some surprising reasons why. Often times, a low productivity rate is automatically linked to a “lazy” or under-performing employee. However, there are many things you, as a leader, can do to increase your team’s productivity. We have put…

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How to Win Over a Top Candidate Before They Walk Through Your Door

Winning Over A Top Candidate A good candidate will make a judgment about your organization before they walk through the door for that first interview. This is because good candidates research a company they are interested in working for. It is estimated that 64 percent of job seekers use the company’s website as their main…

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