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Surprising Productivity Drains and How to Avoid Them

Avoiding Productivity Drains If you have noticed a dip in productivity among your employees, there may be some surprising reasons why. Often times, a low productivity rate is automatically linked to a “lazy” or under-performing employee. However, there are many things you, as a leader, can do to increase your team’s productivity. We have put…

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How to Win Over a Top Candidate Before They Walk Through Your Door

Winning Over A Top Candidate A good candidate will make a judgment about your organization before they walk through the door for that first interview. This is because good candidates research a company they are interested in working for. It is estimated that 64 percent of job seekers use the company’s website as their main…

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The Best Boss: What Your Employees Want From You

What Does it Take To Be A Great Boss? As the owner and operator of your business, you have likely wondered “what makes a great boss?” There are a number of key characteristics great bosses share. The team at Optimum Employer Solutions, an HR outsourcing company, has gathered together some of the top characteristics that…

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Making the Most out of Your Core Values

Core Values: Who Are You? The term “core values” sounds like one of those buzzwords that go in and out of popularity, doesn’t it? But core values are actually really important for any founder to develop as they create their brand. Core values are the principles that bind the organization together, from the front desk…

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The Top 5 Tasks You Can Delegate to Your PEO

Wondering what you can delegate to a PEO? As a small business owner or key executive, you find yourself busy focusing on the core of your business. This leaves you with a long “to do” list and does not leave time for many human resource tasks. This is why many business owners and executives are hiring…

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Are You Leading or Managing Your Employees?

Difference between leading and managing Being a leader is not something you learn overnight. One of the most important things to learn is when to actually lead and when you should step aside and let your employees play a more active role. Many managers struggle with this concept. There are several reasons why this may occur, including:…

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How to Encourage Creativity in Employees

Encouraging Creativity Sometimes the daily grind can affect all of us in such a way that we shut down and go on autopilot. When that happens (and usually it’s in the winter!), it’s important to shake ourselves and our staff out of robot mode. Here’s a few ways to encourage more creativity and idea generation…

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Do Employee Incentives Work?

Employee Incentives- what’s the deal? Employee incentives, the rewarding of work performance, loyalty, innovative ideas, and sales excellence, are used by more than half of American companies, according to the Incentive Research Foundation. Incentives such as trips, awards, and cash might kickstart staff excitement and productivity in the short term. However, research has found that…

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Increasing Employee Morale

Does Employee Morale Affect Company Culture? Happy employees are productive employees. Improving the productivity level in the workplace benefits both the team members and management alike. So how do you keep morale up in the workplace? We’ve compiled a few tips. Recognize employee contributions:  Let your employees know you value their work. Tell them they’re…

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