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Do Employee Incentives Work?

Employee Incentives- what’s the deal? Employee incentives, the rewarding of work performance, loyalty, innovative ideas, and sales excellence, are used by more than half of American companies, according to the Incentive Research Foundation. Incentives such as trips, awards, and cash might kickstart staff excitement and productivity in the short term. However, research has found that…

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Increasing Employee Morale

Does Employee Morale Affect Company Culture? Happy employees are productive employees. Improving the productivity level in the workplace benefits both the team members and management alike. So how do you keep morale up in the workplace? We’ve compiled a few tips. Recognize employee contributions:  Let your employees know you value their work. Tell them they’re…

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The Value of a Well-Written Job Description

Job Descriptions: Are they that important? Job descriptions are more than an overview of a particular position. A well-written job description offers a variety of benefits to both the employee and the employer. However, a poorly written job description can offer employers a lot of problems. Job Descriptions and Liability Protection Two recent cases do…

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Employee Engagement Tips

Employee Engagement Tips While providing a challenging work environment and a solid work culture are important for adequately engaging your employees, you may find that you need to go a step above the norm to make sure your employees are engaged. Here are several tips for better engaging your employees: If you are looking for…

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Debunking PEO Myths

Your business is like one of your own children.  You gave birth to it, grew it with your own hands and made it what it is.  It is understandable that you would be concerned about turning many of your significant operations over to someone else. However, there are many myths about how professional employer organizations…

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The Value in Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer Recognition Programs Rising in Popularity Praising your employees for a job well done is important, but you probably already knew this. More recently, however, companies are implementing peer-to-peer recognition programs. What is a peer-to-peer recognition program, you ask? This is a tool for allowing employees to give praise to another team member. Recognizing hard…

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How to Make Your New Employee Feel Welcome

Make Your New Employee Feel Welcome When employers hire a new employee, they typically overwhelm them. Usually, they are immediately given training checklists, meetings, an office tour, and other necessary tasks. Though this approach is important for orientating the new staff member, it fails to really welcome the new employee and make them feel appreciated. Ensuring…

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Surprising Reasons Your Employees Aren’t Using Their Vacation Time

Understanding Vacation Time A recent study by the Pew Research Center concludes that 46 percent of American workers left vacation time on the table last year. Many European workers, particularly those in France, Scandinavia, and Germany, routinely take off six weeks of vacation time per year. Americans, on the other hand, leave an estimated 429…

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Scary HR Mistakes Part 2: Skipping Steps When Firing An Employee

Welcome to Part 2 of Our Scary HR Mistakes: Skipping Steps When Firing An Employee This week we explore the creepy conundrums companies come upon in failing to take certain steps when firing an employee, particularly in not documenting the process. Terminating an employee is probably one of the scariest things a company can do.…

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