At Optimum Employer Solutions, we believe that we have an obligation to our customers to protect their private and personal information.  When you visit our website, this Privacy Policy outlines the ways we protect your privacy and your personal information to the greatest extent possible.  If you are going to use our website, we ask that you read this Privacy Policy and understand its terms.  If you have questions, please let us know immediately.

Our Privacy Policy Is Intended to Address:

The collection of personally identifiable information, defined as information that can be identified with an individual, from visitors to our site.  This type of information could include, but is not limited to, any and all information collected on our website as well as any information collected by our partners, subsidiaries, parent companies or anyone with whom we have a business relationship.

Our Privacy Policy Is Not Intended to Address:

The collection and use of any information by a third party website.  You may be taken to another website if you click on any links within our site; if this is the case, we have no control over where you are taken or what that website’s privacy policy covers.  Please be aware of the privacy policies of any other websites you visit.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

In order to use our website, you are not required to enter any personally identifiable information.  However, if you choose to enter any personal information in order to place an order or utilize our services, this Privacy Policy’s terms will cover the use of that information.  We will always make it clear when we are collecting personal information.

We will never use your personal information or distribute it to anyone without your permission.  The only exceptions to this rule are outlined below.  By submitting your personally identifiable information, you are explicitly stating that you will agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy.  You are also acknowledging that you have read it.

Collection and Use of All Non-Personal Information

Visitors to our website may find that we collect non-personal information without explicitly informing them.  This information will never result in spam or any other type of communication and is used only to enhance our website experience.  We may collect web addresses, cookies and other information from our visitors.

There Are Exceptions To This Policy

We never voluntarily share our customer’s information with anyone.  However, there are certain circumstances under which we are required to share this information, such as:

  • When we are ordered to do so by a court.
  • As part of an investigation into alleged criminal conduct
  • If a visitor violates our terms of service

In call cases, we will comply with applicable laws, court orders and regulations.

We Protect Your Personal Information

While no website can be 100 percent secure, we do take our commitment to security seriously.  We take very strict measures to protect your personal information using such protective devices as firewalls, passwords and SSL technology.  We take every possible step to secure our website against unauthorized intrusion and we protect your personal information by destroying it after use.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may not make a public announcement of changes to this Privacy Policy, but this page will feature our latest Privacy Policy version at all times.


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