December 19, 2023

Debunking PEO Myths

Your business is like one of your own children.  You gave birth to it, grew it with your own hands and made it what it is.  It is understandable that you would be concerned about turning many of your significant operations over to someone else.

However, there are many myths about how professional employer organizations work, and it is time to debunk these myths. Optimum Employer Solutions offers you the truth about PEO services and how they can actually benefit your growing company in ways you never thought possible.

Myth #1:  I will have no control over what happens to my business if I hire a PEO.  Nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, you actually gain more control over your business because you can stop worrying about the issues that you face on a daily basis that are sapping your time and strength.  As you turn over these daily tasks to someone qualified to handle them, you actually create more time to do the things that are important in your business.

Myth #2:  I cannot keep my HR manager if I hire a PEO.  In truth, HR managers usually love PEOs because it streamlines their jobs to the point that they are free to pursue real HR goals.  They have an instant partner with the PEO company who will support their work in a way that they simply cannot find elsewhere.

Myth #3:  I can only use temporary employees if I use a PEO.  The PEO is not a temporary staffing company.  Instead, the PEO acts as a co-employer to maximize your power to purchase good healthcare policies and other benefits as well as to help you manage your employees.

Myth #4:  I cannot hire or fire anyone without the PEO’s approval.  PEOs do not tell you who to hire and fire.  Instead, they ensure that you are doing the right things by following protocol regarding hiring and firing to keep you out of trouble.

Myth #5:  My employees will not like working with the PEO.  The opposite is likely to happen.  Your employees will probably enjoy the fact that everything is now organized and easy to access.

Optimum Employer Solutions can help you with all of your PEO needs.  Contact us today to find out how we can benefit you and your company with our help, support and expertise.

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