May 17, 2022

Want To Hire an Employee in Another State? Here’s What You Should Know.

Wanting To Hire A Remote Employee?

In light of the pandemic, working from home or “remotely” is becoming more common. Managing a remote working team not only saves employers money, but it can also increase overall productivity. However, staying compliant with the vast number of different hiring rules for various states can be a daunting task for any manager. Knowing the rules in every state where employees reside when growing a successful business is key to remote hiring.

How to Stay Compliant

The process of staying compliant is time-consuming and takes away precious time from running a business.  However, if employers are not compliant, the cost of fees and penalties can quickly add up.

An attorney familiar with each state’s rules and regulations can assist employers, but this can get very costly, very quickly. Instead, consider working with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). A PEO, like Optimum Employer Solutions, handles all of the time-consuming paperwork dealing with employees, including those in other states. A reputable PEO can handle the ins and outs of every state where employees reside, giving owners the peace of mind that they will remain compliant while allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Good HR Reminders

The top three human resource (HR) factors employers should consider include:

  1. Paying Employees Correctly – The Department of Labor (DOL) can audit your business to ensure that employers are paying their employees properly.
  2. State-specific Employment Rules and Regulations – In addition to paying, other regulations such as drug testing, anti-discrimination policies, paid sick leave, and other non-pay issues, are required to be followed, even if the main office is located in another state.
  3. Staying Up to Date with Changes – Since federal, state, and local employee rules can change, deciding who will keep up with these changes is important. An employer can do this alone, with the help of an attorney in each state, or with the assistance of a PEO, like Optimum Employer Solutions.

How A PEO Can Help

With fifty different state laws and even more county and city rules and regulations pertaining to employees, many employers have turned to PEOs for assistance. Providing employers with the assurance that they are in compliance with employee labor laws, no matter which states the employee happens to reside in is why Optimum Employer Solutions is the best solution to help employers stay in compliance with all of these laws.

If you are an employer who is overwhelmed with the process of keeping up and complying with all of the current employee rules and regulations, contact our office today and allow us to take the worry off your plate so you can focus on running your business.

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