March 26, 2024

The Top 5 Tasks You Can Delegate to Your PEO

Wondering what you can delegate to a PEO?

As a small business owner or key executive, you find yourself busy focusing on the core of your business. This leaves you with a long “to do” list and does not leave time for many human resource tasks. This is why many business owners and executives are hiring Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to handle these types of tasks. Mainly, so they can be free to focus on the business. The team at Optimum Employer Solutions have identified 5 key tasks that often fall through the cracks that could, instead, be delegated to your PEO.

5 Key Tasks:

Annual Handbook Review

Each year, laws governing compliance, employee pay, taxes and more change. As a business owner who is concentrating on running your business, it is unlikely you keep current with the many constantly changing laws and regulations. However, your PEO does. Instead of taking time to try and stay abreast of the latest changes, turn to your PEO for help.

Optimum Employer Solutions will ensure that your business remains compliant with all changes so you can proactively reduce your risks.  We can review your handbook and help you make the right changes to protect yourself and your business. Doing this annually will greatly minimize your compliance risks.

Job Description Review

Similarly, job descriptions should be reviewed annually to ensure they are current. If you are having employees undertake many tasks not included in their job descriptions, you could run the risk of disgruntled employees claiming they are doing a job they were not hired for. While there are no laws that require employers to create and maintain job descriptions, doing so can help protect you when it comes to asking for and negotiating job duties with an employee. If you find that your employees are doing tasks that do not fall under their job descriptions, you should update them.

Optimum Employer Solutions can help you create and maintain your job descriptions. We will encompass the duties of each role and, as they change, update them.


Soft skills training, including communicating and management skills, are important to ensure your business runs smoothly and properly. In addition, some trainings are required to fullfill state laws such as harassment prevention training. Studies show that when employees have consistent training their productivity increases, they are more loyal to the company, and employee retention is better.

Optimum offers hundreds of training topics for employees to benefit from, including harassment prevention, positive discipline, conflict resolution, delegating effectively, and basic workplace safety.

Salary Surveys

Salary is a big factor when it comes to hiring and retaining good employees. We can offer you up-to-date information on salaries in your industry and area to ensure you are paying competitive wages. By doing so, you can better compete with larger companies by attracting and retaining top talent.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Another important factor in retaining good employees is employee satisfaction. By understanding if and why your employees are dissatisfied, you can take steps to improve your company culture and any other issues that your employees may note. The most efficient and effective way to discover your employees’ level of satisfaction is through an employee survey. Keep in mind that while your product is important, your employees will be the main factor in your business’s success. That is why it is important to invest in them and ensure they are satisfied with their jobs. Optimum can gather and deliver in-depth statistical data that can be used to improve your employees’ satisfaction and, as a result, better your business.

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