August 10, 2021

How to Get the Most from Your Part-Time Employees

Utilizing Part-Time & Hourly Employees

Employee engagement can be difficult with full-time employees, and even more so with part-time or hourly employees. In many instances, hourly or part-time employees work in lower-paying roles, have limited flexibility and usually do not receive benefits. This often leads to a clock-in/clock-out mentality which can affect productivity and your overall work culture.

If you feel that your part-time employees are feeling unmotivated or not a part of your team, there are several tips you can try to improve their overall performance.

Here are some tips:

Optimum Can Help You Create a Positive Company Culture

HR is an important tool to help create a positive company culture. Optimum Employer Solutions is here to help you with this. We can offer a wide range of services, from creating a thorough and informative employee handbook to offering training and orientation services. We can also handle all HR tasks so you can focus on your employees and create the culture you want in your workplace. By utilizing some of these tips, as well as Optimum’s great line of services, you can achieve full-time engagement with your part-time employees.

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