February 08, 2022

Helpful Tips For Employee Termination

Employee Termination the Right Way

As an employer, you may have to face the unfortunate task of firing an employee. Terminating an employee the right way can mean the difference between years of expensive litigation and a clean break.

Here are some tips the experts at Optimum Employer Solutions, a Professional Employer Organization in Orange County, CA, suggest for getting that clean break when faced with the issue of employee termination:

Leading up to termination:

During the termination process:

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

The team at Optimum Employer Solutions is here to help you with the hiring and terminating process. While we do not choose your employees, we can offer assistance when on- and off-boarding them. We also write handbooks, job descriptions, and policies so you can proactively reduce your risk as an employer.  If you have questions about the termination process or need help ensuring you are in compliance with laws and protected from litigation, contact us today.

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