Performance Management

Performance Management Process

Optimum can help you develop a performance management process to define goals, determine improvement protocol, and provide feedback to every employee. We provide forms and online tools to complete employee performance appraisals quickly and efficiently. Quality performance management process benefits include:

  • Reduced exposure to wrongful termination claims
  • Saved time and decreased administrative headaches from a standardized process
  • Improved employee performance

Corrective Action Process

As an employer, you may occasionally need to manage employees who are underperforming or who have behavioral problems that disrupt the work environment. Optimum works with you to more effectively manage challenging employees, give constructive input, and document discipline issues. We advise your managers and supervisors on how to record performance problems and substantiate claims that may arise from a termination.

Benefits of a standard corrective action process include:

  • Reduced misunderstandings between managers and employees
  • Improved employee morale
  • Ability to consistently address disruptive performance issues

Employee Separation Counseling

Optimum works directly with your managers to customize best practices procedures that reduce your exposure to wrongful termination lawsuits and help you properly handle employee separation.

Some of the resources we can provide include:

  • Separation counseling guides
  • Separation notices
  • Exit interview forms