August 01, 2023

Where to Find Your Next Great Employee

Great Employees Are Hard To Come By

If you own a small business, you’ve likely figured out how important your employees are to your success. The good ones are especially important, but where exactly do you find them? Sometimes employers get stuck in a hiring rut and only hire someone if they check off certain boxes on a list.

While this may make it easier to get through hundreds of resumes, a candidate that doesn’t have the traditional experience, but is still a great hire, may get overlooked.

Below we offer up some types of people you may want to consider when your next job opens up.

Our Suggestions:

What now?

The key to finding great talent at a price that is affordable is to think outside the box. Do not be blinded by a current job title or the fact that the applicant has little or no experience in your particular field. Instead, look at the candidate’s skills, such as being a leader or working well in stressful situations, to see how he or she would fit in at your company. You may be surprised when you give someone who is eager and deserving a chance to show what he or she can really offer you.

The team at Optimum Employer Solutions can help you with the hiring process, from interviewing to onboarding to training. Let us help you find, train and keep great talent.

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