December 20, 2022

The Performance Review Process: Making It Work at Your Company

What Is a Performance Evaluation?

The annual employee performance evaluation process is a normal thing in the business world. Annual reviews offer organizations a chance to make sure that management and employees are on the same page in terms of business goals. Employees can also learn about issues that should be addressed as well as ways to improve.

The Downside To Performance Reviews

In recent years, more and more companies are taking another look at the annual employee review process. It is agreed that organizations and employees can greatly benefit from annual reviews. But, sometimes managers and employees dread the process. This can ultimately impact the review’s overall effectiveness.  Many experts also feel that a year is too long to wait in between reviews. Companies are missing out on the opportunity to provide employees with more regular feedback that could immediately have a positive impact on performance. A recent Deloitte survey showed that 89 percent of respondents had changed or planned to change the evaluation process within the next 18 months.

If The Traditional Evaluation Process Isn’t Your Thing, Don’t Worry

Many organizations are thinking about moving away from the traditional evaluation process to a more continuous feedback review process. For example, managers could schedule regular review sessions with employees throughout the year. This would allow more one-on-one time to evaluate progress and address any issues that may come up. Managers can also schedule review sessions around a project or meeting with particular clients.

Regular Review Sessions In Action

Some companies, like Google, are taking this a step further and using open peer reviews after completing projects. During this process, feedback is given by people other than the direct manager. This type of review process offers fresh and more accurate information based on specific work examples.  If regular feedback is the route your company decides to go, it would be important to put in place a system to make sure that all areas of a more traditional performance review are covered. While this is less formal, more frequent feedback of important areas could be missed.

Either Way, Reviews Are Important

Regardless of what format you use to provide employee performance feedback, what is important is that you do provide it.  Performance reviews are one of the many supporting documents that are used in the event an employee claims wrongful termination.  Documenting employee performance on a regular basis is one of the best things an employer can do to protect themselves from these types of suits.

How Optimum Employer Solutions Can Help With Your Performance Evaluation Process

The human resources department plays a major role in helping managers define and create a new employee review process. However, smaller companies rarely have the resources to turn to. The experts at Optimum Employer Solutions can offer you the help of a large human resources department. Along with offering payroll services and benefits, Optimum can also help you update your performance evaluation process so you get the most out of it. In addition, they can offer tips for creating a “feedback-rich” work culture as well as allow managers to judge performance regularly and train managers on hiring top talent.

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