February 01, 2018

How Your Small Business Can Offer Big Business Perks

Gain A Competitive Edge & Offer Office Perks

Many employers think they do not have to entice potential employees as much as they once had to since there is currently a high unemployment rate. Despite the unemployment level, there are still many job choices available. This means that people have plenty of opportunities to choose from, leading to many companies offering special perks to get that valuable edge on the competition. These special perks will help you attract new candidates, while also helping you to retain your current employees. By offering a few “extras,” you can improve your employees’ work-life balance and, in some cases, even trump higher salary bids by your competitors.

When you own and run a small business, you may not believe that you have the budget to spend on non-essentials like employee “perks.” Optimum Employer Solutions, a human resource outsourcing company, is pleased to offer a few suggestions that even small businesses can implement to ensure employees are happy while giving you an edge on the competition:

Having Fun

Large companies like Google have the resources to offer on-site massages, sports fields, ping-pong tables, nap pods and more. While these options may not be practical or doable at your business, you should still encourage your employees to have fun. Consider adding some collaborative games to your employee break room, such as jigsaw puzzles. You can even make it a challenge between departments to foster teamwork and friendly competition. The team at Optimum utilizes office puzzles in this way. We also offer Friday game day during lunch hour on occasion.

Getting and Staying Fit

While big companies like Nike have the funds to offer a state-of-the-art fitness center, you can still offer your employees fitness options to improve their health and mood. For example, at Optimum, we recently completed a 30-day plank challenge. We also offer office yoga day to get employees moving and relaxed. Consider having a local fitness professional come to your workplace for an hour-long yoga session. You can also encourage employees to be more active through initiatives and competitions. For example, you could introduce a Fitbit competition, offering discounts on the initial purchase to those who wish to participate. As the competition progresses, offer fun and inexpensive prizes for meeting goals. If your employees enjoy socializing outside of the office, organize intramural sports teams or encourage an informal lunchtime walk. By partnering your business with a local gym, you may be able to offer employees company-exclusive membership discounts.

Health Care and Wellness Options

While employer-sponsored medical benefits are fairly standard, there are ways you can make your benefits packages more beneficial without costing an arm and a leg. Aside from standard medical benefits, keep boxes of Kleenex and hand sanitizer available to employees. This simple and inexpensive addition will cut down on germs being spread about the office. You can also partner with local healthcare providers to offer employees free on-site health screenings and yearly preventative shots.

Food Rewards

Few people would turn down free food, including your employees. Food is a great way to reward employees as well as bring them together. The employees at Optimum gather together periodically to enjoy some great food with office potlucks. This is an inexpensive way to feed your employees, while also offering them a chance to show off with their favorite recipes. You could also consider rewarding your most productive employees each month or quarter with a free lunch or dinner. Stock up on bulk snack foods from large club providers, like Costco, as well. By buying these items in bulk, you will save money and keep your employees energized.

Time Off

It is important to foster an environment where employees feel comfortable taking their earned time off. It is well known that in the US, many employees leave vacation days on the table at the end of each year. This is because society values hard work. While this is a good value to have, it can leave many employees overworked. Along with approving vacation leave, encourage employees to share photos of their vacations. This will help the employee feel accepted about taking time off, as well as give employees the chance to socialize with others in the workplace.

Need more help?

There is a wide range of beneficial perks you can offer your employees that will not cause your business to go into debt. The employees at Optimum in Orange County CA take advantage of many perks including quarterly all-company lunches celebrating the birthdays for the quarter, an annual Halloween costume party and potluck, and yoga sessions at the park. The team at Optimum understands the importance of employee perks and can help you build an affordable benefits package that will offer excellent options while not costing you an exorbitant amount of money thanks to co-employment. You and your employees will be part of our large pool, giving you much higher buying power. If you are looking for ways to boost employee morale while also attracting and retaining top talent, speak to the experts at Optimum Employer Solutions.

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