February 28, 2023

How to Show Your Employees You Value Them on Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday in March, so it’s coming up! This special day is a great time to show your employees that you value them.

Employee Appreciation Day

A recent survey by Forbes reveals that the single most important practice managers and business owners can adopt for better employee productivity is to recognize and appreciate employees. This is especially true for Millennials who, according to recent research, are the group that is most highly motivated by recognition. A “good worker,” or an employee who is both productive and innovative, will make a difference in the outcome of a business. For example, research shows that consistent performers are 21 percent more likely to have a high impact on the long-term financial performance of their workplace. This is a big benefit to employers.

Need some ideas?

When you get busy, it is easy to forget to show your appreciation to your employees. Don’t panic if you forgot about Employee Appreciation Day until now. We’ve provided some ideas below to get you thinking about how to show your appreciation this year:

Culture Matters

Along with offering benefits and perks, it is important to create a work culture that clearly shows that employees are making a difference to coworkers and the business. By showing this, employees will feel a sense of appreciation and, as a result, be more productive and efficient in their jobs. Research has shown that if you want to get great work from your employees, recognition is the most powerful tool you can use to achieve your desired results. While the team at Optimum encourages you to make a special effort on Employee Appreciation Day, it is important to show appreciation all year long. With these simple tips, you can certainly do that.

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