September 21, 2021

Hiring Tips for Startup Companies

Hiring Can Be Overwhelming

When running a small company with only a few employees, it can be a scary prospect when you begin to add more and more employees.  Young startup company CEOs looking to grow their business often find that recruiting new talent becomes difficult if they do not follow a few well established rules. After asking top CEOs to offer tips, we have complied some “words of advice” from business owners who have been through the startup hiring process.

Continually Recruit

Even when you have filled your hiring needs, do not stop. Always be on the lookout for “new talent” that is available in the hiring pool. You do not want to be stuck with the need to fill a position and then have to scramble and settle for the first warm body you find. When you approach hiring this way, you will not get the “best of the best” and, ultimately, your business will suffer.

Instead, find employees with a similar entrepreneurial spirit to bring in to the company. Remember that good recruitment takes time, but the time you spend looking for that perfect employee will pay off in the end with a strong workforce. As a business owner, you should never stop recruiting.  Effective hiring practices is one of the most important skills you can learn as an entrepreneur.

Hire Flexible Employees

A startup company can grow quickly. While this is a good thing for your business, it can pose a problem for employers who hire employees based on a particular set of skills. If those skills change or evolve, an employer is better served with an employee who is flexible and can also change with the job. During the hiring process, discuss changing job duties with potential employees. Those who are more traditionally-minded in their view of a job should be weeded out. Focus on hiring those with an entrepreneurial mindset who are willing to learn, grow, and change their job duties and responsibilities as the company grows. Being transparent at the beginning during the hiring process will help you find the prospects who are best able to handle changes.

Ask the Right Questions

Many CEOs ask questions related to how hard an employee is willing to work. Many potential employees are willing to come in early, skip lunch, and work late, but if they do not put hours into personal growth and self-improvement, they can fall behind as the company grows. Everyone wants to do a good job, but not everyone is willing to put in the time.

During the hiring process, ask specific questions that will help you decide whether the potential employee is dedicated to invest the time and effort needed to grow with the company.  Do not hire harder…hire smarter.

Hire Those Who Think Outside the Tradition Box

Many potential employees come in with the mindset of an “8 to 5” job. They see those hours as the traditional time to “get things done.” Millennials, and others of the same mindset, are more likely to be in favor of a flexible schedule in order to get the job done. Achieving objectives instead of traditional hours is the key to a successful company. Employees who have this mindset and work ethic are more likely to ensure the successful growth of your company.

 Be Proud of the Work Culture of Your Company

Before you begin to hire additional staff, look around your company and ask yourself the question, “Is this the type of company I would want to work for?” It is often the little things that make a big difference in office culture. When employees enjoy their work environment, there is decreased absenteeism and improved morale.

Having a great coffee machine, a game console in the employee break room and scheduling outings like a group lunch can provide employees time to socialize and get to know each other. This creates a positive company culture which, in turn, keeps the best talent in your company while attracting the top talent to your door.

By following these tips, you can begin to compile a team of great workers who will ultimately grow your startup company. Focus your entrepreneurial talents to your core business by hiring a professional employer organization (PEO), like Optimum Employer Solutions, to take care of your HR needs. We can also help you with the hiring and on-boarding process so hiring new employees is easier, quicker and more efficient.

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