October 11, 2022

Dealing with a Multi-Generational Workforce

Facing A Multi-Generational Workforce

As more and more employees push retirement back and younger employees enter the workforce, employers are faced with a multi-generational workforce. With this trend on the rise, how do managers and business owners properly manage employees? For starters, it is important to know some of the most common differences between the older workforce and the younger workforce.

Older employees tend to be more formal and traditional, especially when it comes to communication. This age group is far less likely to text and may prefer to call or email. The older workforce also tends to respect hierarchy within the organization. This is usually true, even when a manager is younger than the employee. However, older employees, especially if they have been at the organization for many years, will expect to be respected.

Younger employees are far more likely to use informal forms of communication, such as texting. It is also likely that younger employees may not expect to follow typical paths to career advancement as their older counterparts would. Younger employees may also find it daunting to manage workers who are older than themselves. They may be intimidated by older employees because of their years of experience or time with the company. However, it is important for younger managers to know that older workers will not automatically have an issue with them because of their age. The younger employee has been chosen to be a leader and should understand that a certain amount of authority and even respect comes with such a position.

Optimum Employer Solutions Can Help You Bridge the Multi-Generational Gap in Your Workforce

The experts at Optimum Employer Solutions understand that it can be difficult for managers to manage a diverse and multi-generational workforce. Optimum is here to offer you several different services which can help your managers cultivate skills to tackle this issue. Our performance management process can help your management team define goals, determine improvement protocol and even provide constructive feedback to every employee so they can do well in their positions. Optimum also offers training classes which address topics like delegating effectively, conflict resolution and positive discipline. If you are a business owner who wants to ensure your older and younger employees can work well together, Optimum is here to help. Take advantage of our training options and resources today to help your managers and employees effectively work together to better your business.

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