August 29, 2023

Competing for Top Talent As a Small Business

Attracting Top Employees

If you’re a small company, it’s not always easy to provide the “large-scale” perks potential employees crave. Or so you might think. While it’s true that supremely qualified employees may be courted by many companies, there are a few things you can offer that can put you in the frontrunner’s spot:

1) Your company’s culture or work environment. A workplace generates good energy and the desire to excel. Think about it: if you’re dragging around a dull, boring, negative office that discourages employee input and participation, morale suffers. Everyone wants work that is enjoyable and engaging and a strong company culture is a powerful talent draw.

Your company’s organizational culture is crucial to hiring the best people and to your staff’s desire to stay. If you have the type of culture that makes people feel good about their jobs, by all means highlight that fact to potential staff. Encourage a company tour so applicants can experience the environment first hand.

2) Flexible schedules. With the Internet available everywhere and the common ownership of home computers, working from home has become more and more popular. If you’re able to provide employees flexibility outside the typical 9-5, share that with the people you want to hire. One way to think of it is: as long as your staff gets their stuff done, it doesn’t matter between what hours they do so. Flexibility is a key draw for talent, so be sure to make it front and center as an employee perk.

3) Involvement in special projects. Many employees look to advance their careers and spread their wings outside their job descriptions. If your company advocates participation in special projects (a company health and wellness program, event coordination, a volunteer effort), that can be a big benefit to potential hires because it allows them to develop other skill sets and explore side interests that energize them.

4) Education. If your company provides training, skills enhancement and other workshops, let your coveted hire know right away. On-the-job educational opportunities are often highly valued by superstar employees who want to keep developing their skills and responsibilities.

5) Staff experience. Do you have someone on staff who was involved in a high-profile project? Or someone who used to work for a large and well-known company? Top performing people usually like to hang with other top performing people. If some of your existing staff has accomplished something spectacular, let your potential hire know because the chance to work with successful pros is a hidden benefit.

Attracting top talent isn’t easy, but by focusing on some of the intangible benefits your company has to offer, you can hit the jackpot.

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