Client Profile
Industry: Software Development
Location: Greater Los Angeles Area, CA
Employees: 24

“Working with Optimum has been a pleasure – from the moment we signed on, it has been nothing but smooth, transparent and pleasant. The team I work with is always available, and I know that whatever it is that we might need, they are “on it.” I appreciate the accessibility of Optimum’s staff, and the feeling that my company is partnering with Optimum. We’re not just a client on the list, we’re partners. Most of all, I know that our employees are 100% taken care of and that is the most invaluable part by far.”

Multi-State Employees Provide Employers with Added Challenges
The client is a software developer with 24 employees in 14 states. Their industry is a competitive one necessitating that they hire top talent wherever it is available. While this is a boon for work quality, it is a challenge for employee administration on the backend. The accounting manager reflects on her experience working with Optimum, “The PEO model works well for us. When I considered how much of my time it would take to handle employee administration in all the states we have employees in, I quickly realized it would be a full time job, and the decision to work with Optimum was an easy one to make. I am not well versed in the laws of every state we have employees in. In partnering with Optimum, hiring employees in any state can be done easily, and I don’t have to worry that things are done correctly. I know with confidence that they are.”

Large Group Plans Provide Small Employers Cost Savings on Insurance
When weighing Optimum’s service against handling their human resources function in-house, this client obtained health insurance quotes from a broker to compare against Optimum’s large group insurance plans. “There was a difference in the cost. Optimum’s plans were lower. Their plans also allow us to provide one price for the insurance for all employees rather than different prices by age. If we were not with Optimum, some employees would be paying a much higher price for their insurance simply because they are older. By partnering with Optimum for our health insurance needs, it was possible for us to offer the best insurance out there to our most important asset—our people. We definitely appreciate the large group buying power they provide for insurance.”

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Client Profile
Industry: Technology
Location: Orange, CA
Employees: 5

With Optimum, it’s about more than merely purchasing HR services. We feel as though they are truly a part of our team—a virtual HR department!

Frustrated with the inflexible services provided by its former PEO, a growing technology company turned to Optimum for customized, cost effective and scalable HR solutions This small, Southern California-based technology company was experiencing rapid growth. It required human resources solutions that could adapt and evolve as quickly as its business. The company had engaged a large, national PEO, but was frustrated at what it viewed to be limited, inflexible human resources plans, and turned instead to Optimum.

Optimum partnered with the organization to continuously evaluate and enhance its HR solutions to ensure that they are scalable and cost-effective, while meeting the evolving needs of the organization and its employees.

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Financial Services

Client Profile
Industry: Investment Firm
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Employees: 5

“Optimum provides our company a complete, efficient and easy-to-use solution for payroll administration and medical benefits. We are a small company with employees in several states, and Optimum removes the headache of managing employee benefits across multiple jurisdictions.”

Key employee retention requires a competitive benefits package—but at what price?

Retaining high-producing employees with valuable experience and institutional knowledge is critical to the success and sustainability of any organization. However, highly skilled, highly compensated employees demand “big-company benefits.” Providing these benefits can be cost-prohibitive to many small to mid-sized companies. This small investment firm recognized that partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) would allow them to provide these benefits at a substantially reduced cost, so that the firm can retain and attract key employees in an extraordinarily competitive industry.

The right solutions, with best-in-class personalized service

The firm initially hired a large, publically traded provider, but then chose to partner with Optimum, realizing that Optimum’s benefits, solutions and technology were every bit the quality of those provided by the national PEO, but were delivered with greater responsiveness and a dedication to personalized service. And the benefits work for all employees, regardless of the state they live in; wherever the firm’s employees go, Optimum can provide the right solution.
With Optimum handling the firm’s payroll, benefits and workers’ comp administration, its employees can now do what they do best and focus solely on their core competencies—so crucial in an organization of this size where every staff member plays an important role in revenue generation.

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Professional Services

Client Profile
Industry: Transportation Logistics
Location: Irvine, CA
Employees: 18

Optimum tailored its services to my organization. Instead of trying to force my company culture into a cookie-cutter system like some of the larger PEO providers tried to do, Optimum worked with me to develop a customized solution. Now, instead of researching human resources regulations and dealing with the stress of personnel issues—an area where I have no training or expertise—I can spend my time managing the operations of my business.”

Burdened by the stress and complexity of human resources issues

This transportation logistics company had always handled its human resources functions in house. However, these responsibilities were fast becoming too burdensome for the owner and his director of operations and administration. The organization met with several large, national PEO providers before deciding to partner with Optimum, which developed a solutions package custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the business.

Freeing executives to return to the business of running the business

The relationship has proven to be a win for the company’s senior management and its employees alike. The owner and his management team no longer have to deal with the stress and increasing complexity of human resources issues and are able to once again focus on running the business, confident that their human resources functions are being handled by expert professionals that understand the organization’s needs.

Employees have appreciated a vastly improved benefits package. The company has introduced a 401k plan, retaining a key employee who was considering leaving the organization for one with better benefits. Employees also love Optimum’s technology that allows them to view their paystubs, W-2 information and paid-time-off balance online at any time.

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Client Profile
Industry: Individual and Family Services
Location: Corona, CA
Employees: 40

“We have been extremely satisfied with the customized package of solutions Optimum provides our company. However, it is the personalized service and responsiveness that has been most outstanding. Whether it’s addressing a business challenge with senior management or describing a benefit to an employee, Optimum has demonstrated the same remarkable level of professionalism and responsiveness.”

Implementing human resources and benefits administration solutions with transparency and professionalism

A small company with limited expertise with the array of human resources challenges facing a growing organization, this individual and family services provider was facing what seemed a monumental task of researching and implementing the payroll, workers’ compensation and benefits solutions it required. The organization turned the task over to Optimum, which led the company every step of the way with transparency, professionalism and an attunement to its particular business challenges, leaving management free to focus on growing the business. Optimum continues to fine-tune and enhance the company’s human resources and benefits administration solutions as business issues arise, while providing best-in-class service to management and employees alike.

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Client Profile
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Orange County, CA
Employees: 6

“I very much enjoy working with the Optimum team. All of them have been very helpful, which is what I need. I look forward to doing business with Optimum for a long time to come!”

Saving Time and Big Company Buying Power are Just Two of the Benefits Small Companies Receive from Optimum
“We are a company with just six employees,” says the office manager at this small manufacturing company in Orange County, CA. “I don’t have time to handle all of the employee administration because I wear a lot of hats here. Outsourcing certain duties to Optimum allows me to focus on more critical areas of our business. Their system is easy to use and I can process payroll quickly. I know things are being handled correctly and they are keeping us in compliance. Because of Optimum, I can leave at the end of the day with some peace of mind.”

Perhaps the most important benefit Optimum provides this small business is the ability to offer employees the very best benefits possible. The cost of insurance is rising due to the Affordable Care Act, but Optimum’s large group plans and buying power allow the company to continue offering benefits to their employees. “We consider our employees family. Many have been working here for over ten years. We want to make sure we take care of them. Benefits would be very expensive if it weren’t for Optimum. I am grateful we can also pass along this savings to our employees when they need to add their dependents to the plans.”

A Positive Experience Working With Optimum
The PEO concept is not new to this company. They had been with a competitor for a number of years. “We didn’t take switching lightly, but in meeting with Optimum, we discovered that they provided a more transparent, unbundled billing model, allowing us to understand all the components of their fees. I know exactly what I am being charged each pay period so I can better budget and make adjustments over time.”

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Management Firms

Client Profile
Industry: Restaurant Management
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Employees: 33

The support we receive from Optimum’s HR specialists is invaluable. Their knowledge and experience gives us peace of mind when making critical company decision. Across departments, Optimum representatives consistently exhibit professionalism and responsiveness.

Unique business challenges require customized HR solutions
Managing restaurant employees across multiple locations creates a unique set of business challenges—and these challenges often evolve quickly. Optimum provides this restaurant management firm with a customized suite of HR solutions and is always at the ready to modify them to correspond to shifting business needs. By providing onsite employee training programs, Optimum helps its busy management team reduce risk and stay in compliance with increasingly complex state and federal laws and regulations, all while helping its employees develop additional soft business skills.

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Client Profile
Industry: Property Management
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Employees: 7

One pay period, our company made a clerical error and our wire was not sent to Optimum on the proper date to process our payroll. Fortunately, our Optimum representative recognized this and contacted us immediately with a solution and the potential problem was diverted. That’s just one example of how Optimum is always there for us, responsive and with all the information we need to handle any human resources challenge that arises.

A busy, multi-tasking management team needs a PEO they can rely on—and one that’s always there with the answers they need

This small property management firm is staffed lean, with key employees handling multiple critical responsibilities that require their focus and attention. It relies on Optimum to manage its payroll, as well as employee medical and other benefits. There are times when management or employees need immediate assistance to resolve an important issue. They appreciate that an Optimum representative is always there for them—a representative that’s familiar with the organization and its particular business needs.

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Client Profile
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Signal Hill, CA
Employees: 7

Having recently purchased a small healthcare organization, I was already dealing with the stress of learning the business—the last thing I needed was the additional stress of dealing with a problem employee. By turning to Optimum Employer Solutions, I was able to focus my attention on getting my business off on the right foot, while Optimum handled the issue and implemented the human resources solutions the organization needed.

Resolving a complex human resources issue at a critical time

After acquiring a small healthcare company, this new business owner quickly realized she had inherited a problem employee. Not only was she burdened with the stresses of learning the business and instituting operational changes, she was faced with the added stress of navigating this serious and complex human resources issue. She partnered with Optimum, which quickly and efficiently resolved the problem employee issue and implemented a customized suite of human resources solutions. She continues to rely on her dedicated Optimum representatives—who understand her unique business challenges—to help her with all her HR needs.

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Client Profile
Industry: Entertainment
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Employees: 35

Sometime in business, the old adage ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ rings true. I manage a theater company. We are artists and had little knowledge of human resources issues. We initially hired Optimum to deal with a pressing workers’ comp issue. But since then, we have added a variety of solutions to offer our employees benefits we never thought we could afford and to help us operate our business more efficiently and cost effectively.

A partnership with the right PEO can provide unexpected value

A theater company turned to Optimum because they needed to quickly implement a workers’ compensation program. A small organization, one accountant managed the entire administrative side of the business; the company had no internal staff dedicated to human resources and looked to Optimum to help them determine what other solutions might be available to meet their particular business challenges. Optimum developed a time-keeping system to streamline their operations and has implemented manager training to enhance the business skills of key employees. And, through the bundled solutions package, the company is now able to offer a 401(k) program to its employees at no additional cost. In the theater company’s case, its relationship with Optimum has provided— and continues to provide—unforeseen value.

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