Kevin Gramian

Kevin Gramian believes in outsourced HR as a cornerstone of healthy, growing businesses. “When companies can focus on their core competencies without worrying about transactional HR duties, it’s amazing to see the progress that happens.” Optimum is the manifestation of Kevin’s belief in a better way to outsource.

After nearly two decades in the human resources outsourcing industry, Kevin formed an important vision. He wanted to bring his entrepreneur’s spirit to life by providing regionally-focused, service-oriented HR services with better methods for identifying and meeting clients’ needs on a daily basis. So, in 2006, Kevin left his position as VP of Sales at ADP, one of the world’s largest payroll and HR firms, to found Optimum Employer Solutions.


From there, Optimum embarked upon a phenomenal growth path powered by client satisfaction. The company experienced a 1085% growth spurt from 2007-2010 as it focused on developing and implementing process efficiencies and cost-reduction strategies to help its clients survive the economic downturn. With continued emphasis on client service and customized solutions, Optimum has remained on the Inc. 5,000 list for the past seven years in a row.

In Kevin’s words, Optimum’s vision for the future is to “continue to grow the company in a carefully-considered manner while maintaining the commitment to personalized service in an atmosphere of changing regulations.”


Deanna Wietor

Deanna Wietor oversees the team of professionals that provides service to Optimum’s clients. From developing customized programs to meet the unique business challenges of Optimum’s clients, to guiding the process of training and integration of enhanced solutions, Deanna embodies the company’s commitment to personalized service.


By engaging in continuous learning about industry best practices, technologies, and tools, Deanna helps Optimum’s services remain best-in-class. Her unique perspective integrates formal education and certifications in HR management with time in the trenches at a national home improvement organization, where she processed payroll, managed employee disputes, conducted internal audits, and oversaw compliance.


Michele Bianchi

Michele Bianchi oversees Optimum’s sales and marketing teams, and has played a key role in the steady growth Optimum has experienced in recent years. She is a veteran of the PEO industry dating back to 2005 when she worked at a national, publicly-traded PEO and learned the ins and outs of the industry.  She then brought that experience to Optimum and has been invaluable in forming Optimum’s value proposition and competitive differentiators.


Michele excels at providing training that goes beyond the usually-siloed sales and marketing mindset. She believes that her team’s breadth and depth of industry knowledge allows them to provide consultative value to every Optimum client.


Jenafer Elin

Jenafer Elin oversees Optimum’s accounting and finance teams, ensuring Optimum’s continued financial vitality. With more than two decades of experience, Jenafer runs a lean, modern department using innovative accounting protocols, enhanced efficiencies, and reduced cost.


Jenafer’s work is critical to ensuring that client billings and taxes are accurate. This added layer of care has been a difference maker for our clients, allowing them to have clear and timely visibility into their costs so they can make the best decisions for their business.

What Optimum Clients are Saying:

Optimum tailored its services to my organization. Now, instead of researching human resources regulations and dealing with the stress of personnel issues, an area where I have no training or expertise, I can spend my time managing the operations of my business.- Owner of a financial services company
The support we receive from Optimum’s HR specialists is invaluable. Their knowledge and experience gives us peace of mind when making a critical company decision. Across departments, Optimum representatives consistently exhibit professionalism and responsiveness.- CEO at a management company
We have been extremely satisfied with the customized package of solutions Optimum provides our company. However, it is the personalized service and responsiveness that has been most outstanding. Whether it’s addressing a business challenge with senior management, or describing a benefit to an employee, Optimum has demonstrated the same remarkable level of professionalism and responsiveness.- Founder of a healthcare service company
Working with Optimum has allowed us to revisit previous policies in place to ensure we are current and contemporary with our guidelines. They have also provided excellent consultation services for a variety of HR and benefits-related items. Thanks Optimum!- Sr. Vice President of Operations at an IT company
Optimum is clear about what they say and what they provide. Their pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden fees. Working with them is straightforward, and there are no gimmicks involved, which makes business quick and simple. I would recommend Optimum to anyone looking for a local HR solution.- Accountant at a software development company
Working with Optimum has been a pleasure. From the moment we signed on, it has been nothing but smooth, transparent, and pleasant. The team I work with is always available, and I know that whatever it is that we might need, they are “on it.” I appreciate the accessibility of Optimum’s staff, and the feeling that my company is partnering with Optimum. We’re not just a client on the list, we’re partners. Most of all, I know that our employees are 100% taken care of, and that is the most invaluable part by far.- Controller at a software development company